Bayview at the Lakes

“A community is like a ship; everyone ought to be prepared to take the helm.”
— Henrik Ibsen, Norwegian playwright (1828-1906)

Upcoming Events

Board of Directors Meetings are held the first Thursday of each month at
7:00 PM in the West Bay Club House. If circumstances require a meeting to be rescheduled or cancelled then notice will be posted in the mail kiosks. Homeowners are encouraged to attend the meetings.

Message from the Board

Bayview, our community, needs you.

We need your eyes. Take a good look around your home — inside and out. What do you see? Are things in good repair? Are there any road hazards? Is there any suspicious activity?

We need your ideas. Read the meeting minutes. Review the budget. What do you think? Are there missed opportunities? Do you see any wasted efforts? Where can our budget be tightened?

We need your voice. Speak up. What have you said? Did you report that broken sprinkler to our property manager? Did you call the police when you saw car prowlers? Have you shared your ideas with the board of directors? Did you offer to help care for our community?

We need your talents. Everyone has something to offer. How can you help? Replacing burned out lights? Reporting abandoned cars? Inspecting our landscapers’ work? Tidying the mail kiosks?

We need your commitment to your neighbors. Communities thrive when people pull together. Do you know the folks who live next door? Have you introduced yourself to the people across the street? Is neighbor helping neighbor part of your disaster plan?

Well run communities, like ships, don’t just happen. They take time and work. They are created by people willing to be a part of their neighborhood. Please join our crew and help keep Bayview a good place to call home.

Bayview Board of Directors